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Why do things always have to be so complicated?

  • All you want to do is to do what you do best… sell property! Right?
  • All we want to do is provide solutions that are not only affordable, but also easy to use.
  • Alphashare may finally be the answer you have been looking for.

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  • Keep control of your client data all in one place.
  • Manage properties, vendor information, viewing details, key holders and much more.
  • Create feeds to send to all the most popular property portal sites
  • Easily import feeds from 3rd parties, without the need to be part of their MLS
  • Create export feeds to send to 3rd parties, without the need for either of you to be members of an MLS
  • Share properties internally with other members, display them among yourselves as if they are your own (save your own XML feed quota for additional 3rd parties!)
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